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Customer Testamonials

See what some of our customers say about us and how we helped them

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"I start to really work with telemetry with Nick this year (2022)

My bike was already working super good for me at the beginning but it's crazy how it can be even better with data.

Everytime I felt more confident and I can push more on the bike!"

Hugo Frixtalon
World Cup Racer - Commencal 100%

"Working with Nick is so good!

He is attentive about your feedback and we get straight to the best way to make the bike better"

Thomas Estaque
World Cup Racer - Commencal 100%


"Working with Nick, was super easy and really good. He always wants to help and improve. Nick has a lot of knowledge, but doesn’t over complicate what we’re trying to achieve.

He always comes up with good things to try and doesn’t give up if we can’t figure it out.

Most important always brings a smile to work!"

Millie Johnset
World Cup Racer - Commencal 100%

"For me working with the telemetry with Nick was pretty big deal, as I always thought I had my bike set up pretty well but you can always improve.

The surprise was that after a day of working on it the bike was feeling amazing and helping me a lot to go faster. That gives me a lot of confidence but at the same time makes my life easier as the bike is more predictable and easier to ride."

Angel Suarez
World Cup Racer - Commencal 100%


"Nick has surprised me from the first day I met him. He’s so close and open to everybody and that helps all the riders to feel confident and have somebody to trust, when it comes to a super important think like your bike setting.

I don’t know about telemetry and all the technical things but I know how good it feels to be racing or training and having somebody at the bottom waiting for you to help you and make you feel a bit more comfortable on the bike, and Nick has the urge to do it unconditionally and with everyone, not caring about from what team you are or how good you are."

Pau Menoyo
World Cup Racer - Commencal Schwalbe

“The testing I did with Downamics was eye opening.
Nick was able to confirm and refine the changes I wanted to make to my suspension, making the bike feel really planted and stable on the tracks we worked on.
I was most impressed by the information on braking. Nick was able to show me places on the track where I was braking unnecessarily and losing speed through sections, and once I addressed this I was instantly faster against the clock.
I’m really looking forward to doing more testing with Nick and Downamics this season to help me with my racing!”

Jack Reading
World Cup Racer and SR Suntour Commencal Racing Team Manger


"Working with Nick has been a real benefit to me. Not only has it taken the guess work out of finding the correct bike setup but it has also highlighted areas of my riding which need improving to make me a faster and smoother rider which I would have struggled to correct instinctively. From the two times I have worked with Nick he’s had my bike setup feeling mint and there have also been clear improvements in aspects my riding.


Nick is an all round great guy to have and the attention to detail and motivation to help you succeed as a rider makes working Downamics a really valuable piece of the puzzle as a racer."

Luke Williamson
World Cup Racer - 555 Gravity Racing Team

“When you think of the amount of data collected and analysed in Formula 1 motor racing, which is actually relatively straight forward compared to mountain biking…. you begin to appreciate how useful it could be.

In order to ensure a fast, balanced bike you need to look at the entire bike and the rider, not just the suspension.  That sounds really obvious and it IS really obvious but not all (if any other) systems do it! DOWNAMICS do and that is why we chose Nick to test, set-up and analyse our four riders and race bikes for this season’s UCI World Cup Downhill season.

By measuring what is happening at the wheel axles, lean angles, braking and more DOWNAMICS see a real, holistic picture of the bike and rider.  Most systems look at just the suspension, but so much more, from tyres to spoke tensions affect how the bike behaves.  With the DOWNAMICs system this is all picked up right down to a rubbing brake pad…. amazing what Nick sees!  

This leads to a more balanced bike giving a more stable ride leading to improved rider confidence, better braking habits and faster speeds which means times are obliterated, quite literally!  Our riders reduced times on the World Cup track in Fort William by between 3% and 8.5% - that’s not marginal gains, that’s MASSIVE gains and their bikes were already relatively well set-up.

We were so impressed and gained so much during our week of testing with Nick we are taking him to the first World Cup in Leogang, Austria next month, can’t wait!”

Dr Mark Goodwill
Team Manager, 555 RAAW Gravity Racing


"My experience with Downamics was very interesting.

We began the day trying to to get my bike as balanced as possible between front and rear suspension. The level of accuracy and amount of technology that goes on the bike is absolutely mind blowing.


Something I found very cool is that the bike has a camera so you know what the data is saying at every single point of the track. Not only did we improved suspension performance as we also improved myself (the rider) by finding out where to brake and how to ride smoother through the whole track.


The experience was amazing and I’ll definitely be doing before start racing again."

Douglas Vieira
World Cup Racer - Moore Large O' Neal Racing Team

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