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How Can Data Help Me?

It's not just for the professionals - literally any rider can benefit from data acquisition

You're probably wondering how data can help you and why you'd want to get in to that level of detail, or you might be thinking that it doesn't really apply to you because you don't race or you don't see yourself as being in a position to benefit from it.

Well firstly, you don't have to race or if you do race you don't have to be the fastest or best and you don't have to be a certain skill level to benefit from using data acquisition. Our services are available to anyone and everyone who wants to go faster, tidy up their riding, feel better on the bike, get the bike more balanced and/or get more competitive. It doesn't matter how much your bike costs, you want to make sure you're getting the best performance from it.

Using a data acquisition system will give you actual values you can put to your riding and your bikes performance. This means there is no guessing or relying on feelings or perceptions when you want to analyse a run. The data will show you exactly what is happening. That’s why it’s so important to have a system that can give you the complete picture with regards to what you and the bike are doing, there’s a lot more to it than monitoring suspension and having an algorithm suggest how your bike should feel. An additional by-product of this is that it serves as a way to understand how close your perceptions or feelings are compared to what's actually happening with your bike and giving you a much better understanding of how you interpret your riding and your bike.

A full test day with us will include multiple runs with analysis of the data in order to make essential adjustments to the bike set up and your riding based on facts, which reduces the guesswork you’d otherwise have when changing variables and getting you and your bike in a faster and better position in a lot less time.

The data acquisition is aimed to help make you faster and have a bike to enable you to do that, and in order to get there properly we work with you and your feedback as well as the data. The data is the tool we use to direct where we focus improvement changes, we use your input on top of that to make sure we get the best result possible.

So by the end of the day you should have a bike which feels more balanced, more predictable and faster as well as advice on how your riding can be tidied up, things to work on (braking, body weight position etc.) and all the data from the day to review as and when you want. We will also do follow up analysis to comprehensively go through the days data and to ensure you understand all the data and to go through any queries you might have.

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