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About Downamics

World Cup level data acquisition for every level of rider!

Downamics was born from a quest to become faster and more a competitive racer. I'm Nick and I race downhill and I started to look in to data acquisition as a way to try and help me become a faster rider.

When I started to look at some of the systems that are available it was clear they didn't offer enough information and they tended to focus on purely suspension, and the picture is much bigger than that. Once I found the right system and I had a better understanding of how much of a difference the right data could make, I wanted to help other people get faster and see the difference that working with data can make. You're no longer guessing about which way to make adjustments, or where you might or might not be using the brakes, it's all there for you to see and work from. This saves time, it's more accurate and it means you're focusing on the variables that matter, not getting sidetracked by other options that aren't related. If it's being used by the fastest racers in the world to help them go faster, then it can help any of us too.

Data acquisition is a relatively new technology in mountain biking but it is already being utilised by some of the worlds fastest racers and teams to try and find those precious milliseconds that separate the top steps in today’s racing.

This technology is not just for the world’s fastest, however. It can help everyone from the keen enthusiast who just wants to understand their bike and their riding better, a world cup racer seeking every gain possible to get faster and anyone in between.

Downamics can help you see how your bike can perform better, how you can tidy up your riding and how you and your bike can work together to be more balanced and ultimately faster and more confident. We use the only data acquisition currently available that has been developed purely for mountain biking, providing data that’s relevant, complete and accurate. The Stendec system has been created and developed by Dave Garland who has used it to help the likes of Danny Hart, the Canyon Factory Racing team and EWS racers and teams to name a few, get better set up bikes and give the riders valuable insights in to their habits and riding traits.

This same technology, data, feedback and insights can be applied to your bike and your riding too. We will be able to give you a complete overview of how your entire bike behaves, not just your suspension. No stone is left unturned in our endeavor to make you faster and more competitive.

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