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Downamics Race Operations is a range of services covering mechanic positions and work procedures, rider race craft and race engineering to team management and team operations. 

DRO has been utilised at world cup races, UK National races and various team camps in different countries all with the goal of making racing easier, more competitive and smoother.

Mechanic services cover all aspects of bike maintenence and servicing to keep the bike in the best condition possible for that race.

Race engineering services use data acquisition tools, video footage analysis, timing tools and track analysis to help the rider have the bike performing to the best of it's ability, help the rider understand line choices, track conditions and improve their inputs to the bike in order to go as fast as possible for that race.

All of the services offered as part of the DRO department are all performance driven, with all the outcomes and drivers being focused on improving race performance.

Get in touch if you want to enquire about how DRO can help you and/or your team


Downamics Special Operations offers specific testing to determine possible areas for improvement as well as solutions to get those improvements implemented.

This is where specific elements of a bikes behaviour or characteristics can be analyised to better understand how this affects the overall package and what can be done to improve it and ulitmately make a faster and more competitive race package.

Similar to Race Operations, DSO is focused soley on performance in order to make sure that the goals and driving factors all relate to improving performance and making for a more competitive bike and rider combination.

Email to discuss your requirements further.

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