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The original settings book has been updated. It still includes all the suspension and tyre settings you wanty to record, but now it includes all the other settings and variables on the bike to keep a complete record of all the important positions, settings, adjustments and variables on your bike. 


This new version includes spaces to record every variable to bike set up as well as the original suspension and tyre settings, meaning you can now additionally record:
BB height
Bar width
Bar rise
Back sweep
Up sweep
Stem length
Stem bore
Stem rise
Stem spacers
Headset spacers
Brake lever angle
Brake lever from grip
Brake lever reach
Shifer space
Shifter reach
Fork offset
Stanchion position
Headset reach/angle
Seat height
Seat position
Pedal pin length
Shock flip chip pos.
Chainstay flip chip pos.
Avg. F spoke tension
Avg. R spoke tension

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