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Dave Garland - 1967-2020

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Well, this is a post I never thought or wanted to be writing. On saturday 28th Dave passed away whilst out doing what he loved, riding his bike. Dave was a man whos passion for racing and bikes was second to none. You can tell this if you ever watched a video with him in, or listen to him speak on a podcast, or just from having a brief conversation with him.

Dave has worked with a number of the worlds fastest riders, but he also gave the same level of attention and care to any level of racer who needed his incredible knowledge and skills.

I didn't know Dave very long, but from my personal experience he couldn't do enough to help. He was incredibly generous with his sharing his encyclopedic knowledge of bikes, suspension, racing, his hate for decorating and everything inbetween.

Dave also developed the Stendec Data system (the very system we use) which is the most comprehensive data acquisition system available for mountain biking. Built from the ground up, this system and the level of detail it can give you is also an insight in to Daves brain and this is how Dave and myself got to talking and the rest is history.

I'm going to miss the phone calls I had with Dave and how in awe I was each time we spoke and he dropped muliple knowledge bombs everytime. My deepest condolences go to Dave's wife Mirka, his family and friends. He was a very special man and mountain biking has lost a true legend. I'll personally do whatever I can to spread the word about Dave's legacy and carry on using his data system to carry on helping every level of rider, just as Dave always did.

R.I.P. and ride hard Dave.

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