"For me working with the telemetry with Nick was pretty big deal, as I always thought I had my bike set up pretty well but you can always improve.

The surprise was that after a day of working on it the bike was feeling amazing and helping me a lot to go faster. That gives me a lot of confidence but at the same time makes my life easier as the bike is more predictable and easier to ride."

Angel Suarez
World Cup Racer - Commencal 100%


Without data, you're just guessing!

World Cup Level Data Acquisition For Every Level Of Rider

Downamics is the UK's first and most comprehensive mountian bike data acquisition company utilising various data acquisition systems to help you better understand your bike and your riding with the goal of helping you become a faster and more competitive racer or rider. 
Collecting information from your bike, how it interacts with the terrain and how you ride it will highlight areas for improvement with your riding technique, bike set up & balance between the you and the bike as well as where you can find that time you've left on the track.

Downamics also offers suspension servicing, suspension tuning and race engineering services. Just drop us an email to know more about Downmics Special Operations and Downamics Race Operations.

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