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It has always been an issue with getting the perfect spring rate, so introducing a 25lb increment change enables the rider to include the spring a part of their tuning package thus buying two springs for different types of riding or surface i.e. you would choose to go 25lb lighter for more high-speed descent riding where compression values increase their range thus not relying on the spring so much support.


Please use the Additional Info box below to let us know:

  • Eye to eye of your shock
  • Length of your shock


If it is a Rock Shox Super Deluxe here is some useful additional information for you. There is also a short video on how to install your pom spacers and spring. 

One thing to note is that Rock Shox Super Deluxe usually are not at the 250psi in the IFP chamber that they need to be as the dampers come finger tightened from the factory and usually lose pressure between the factory and being mounted on the bike. It is something you should get checked. You can take it to a shop or do it yourself but you need a valve core remover. Usually, the core comes out because the machine that assembled the damper doesn’t do it up properly which is why it loses air pressure anyway. 

SAR DH Light Springs

  • POM001A – Old VIVID and Commencal V3 also 216x63mm Rock Shox R2C/VIVID
    POM001 – Rock Shox VIVID 250x75mm Rock Shox Super Deluxe
    POM001SD – Rock Shox Super Deluxe/Ultimate 
    POM002 – FOX//Marzocchi/Marzocchi moto/PUSH
    POM007 – DVO 
    EXT – DH (140mm) do not require a POM. 65mm use POM001

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